A Wolf's Night - Live @ CCM Nice

by wolfboy

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All songs recorded at a concert for the Concert Chez Moi association in Nice, France, in a living room somewhere around Jean-Medecin. Recorded with a FUJIX100S sound input.


released April 2, 2015

Christian Marques - voice / acoustic guitar / tenor banjo / glockenspiel / songwriting
Carlo Busa - ukulele / guitar
Guillaume Greene - bass
Javier Salcedo - electric guitar
Olia Michou - keyboards / melodica


all rights reserved



wolfboy Nice, France

i'm a young software engineer with a big passion for music. i've started playing guitar at 15, then trumpet, anglo- concertina, ukulele, banjo, and experimenting with many different instruments and musical genres. this is my first serious project, honest and simple songs that come from my experiences. ... more

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Track Name: Conference of The Wolves
this forest is alive
just look into the dark
and see their shiny eyes
burning like a fire

there's no use going back
i've covered up the tracks
so no one, could follow me
this far

i've hidden from the wolves
they've gathered in my home
and now i've found them back
eating from inside

they stare right at my face
they know it's not my place
they're lonely just like me

the conference of the wolves
has come to my front door
their hunger is my faith
Track Name: The Roman Empire
it was once an empire, the romans
they had a great empire, the romans
it fell down, collapsed
all the stones turned to dust

he was once a great man, mahatma
he was once a great one, beethoven
they're all gone, they died
they're six feet underground

it was the edge of technology, sputnik
it was once the final frontier into space
it fell down, ten thousand feet per second
its remains, in the bottom of the sea

it was once a great love, ours
we lived for each other, our souls touched and danced in the air
and now you don't even know me
and you say the same words to someone else
you stroll through the places, that once were our own
and no thought about me, comes up

nothing stays forever
(everything goes, everything goes)
nothing stays forever
(everything goes, everything goes)
only memories remain
until the wind blows them away
Track Name: The Village
he reached a place so full of all these lights
and all the people stopped their daily fights
they looked at him as if he was an angel
and felt his sadness like it was their own

he realized that this was like his home
that everyone around was full of love
and he hugged the first of them that came before him
and all of the were happy to exist

oooohhh it's just a dream
oooohhh it's fiction, not real, not me

and in this place, the wolfboy realized
that everything in life has many sides
just like these people standing right before him
so varied, so rich in every way

the old man took a step into his eyes
and found out there was more than just a sad boy
he held his face against the crippled shoulder
and wolfboy just cried and became colder

oooohhh it's just a dream
oooohhh it's fiction, not real, not me

(waking up)

maybe it's not a dream
they're so real the things he's seen
it seems an illusion, but after the storm
it's simplicity he feels

his heart turned to blazing light
his feet lifted from the ground
and through his ascension, the people were too
in flames with their purest smiles

this is the end of all
winter, spring, summer, fall
he finally found his place
among the whole human race
Track Name: Tell Me Lies
a cloudy gloomy sky will chase me
following the rotation of the earth
when you're not with me

and all the colors that I know
will blur into a single shade of grey
because you don't stay

I know the world is beautiful
but how can it be beautiful
after you've disappeared?
oh, tell me all the lies you want
maybe i'll believe them one day

maybe you're confused alright
but i still deserve to listen those words
that you keep inside

babe, our story is beautiful
how did it turn into something
none of us fully understands?

I know the world is beautiful
but how can it be beautiful
after you've disappeared?
oh, tell me all the lies you want
maybe i'll believe them one day


keep feeding me your sweetness
but i really hate the bitter aftertaste
that comes with the absence of your kiss

it kinda breaks my heart to know
i love you so and you do love me too
but promises dont last

I know the world is beautiful
but how can it be beautiful
after you've disappeared?
oh, tell me all the lies you want
maybe i'll believe them one day

i daydream of the day that
you'll be mine and i can feel you once again
your body, soul and heart

but that day seems so far away
that dreams become like ashes in the wind
sad sparks of burning love

i know the world is beautiful
but it could be more beautiful
if only you were mine
tell me all the lies you want
but i'm a fan of truth
you know i'll wait
Track Name: We Fall
i fall through the ground
like i'm drowning in a sea of grass
i've stumbled at the death of love
and it's not a pretty sight to see
the colors have all disappeared
and left a trail of lingering

you fall by my side
cos' you failed me like I did to you
it's not like we'll meet down here
it's been miles and miles away
this fate is all that's left to cry
and try to climb out

we cease to exist
when there's nothing to be said again
and words just fall out of the edge
they melt in our own mouths
their meaning can't be understood
just leave them be

and now it's the end
we turn our backs and leave in silence
you don't look back and I don't care
that's how distant we feel
the path is big, we'll meet again
just to say goodbye
Track Name: The Wayfarer
there's more to getting lost,
than just vanishing
it's a trick of the mind,
an illusion.

just brambles and thorns,
way ahead
behind, all the things
you can't stare at.

uuuh, it's hard to find yourself
when everything is crumbling
around you

uuuh, look at everyone else
they're looking like their lives are running perfect
not like you

you wanted to disappear
inside the magician's hat
now you're coming near
to just waste your time, with us
the white rabbits

you faked your own death,
for them to believe you were gone
and now inside the coffin
you think "what have I done
to deserve this?"

there are secrets all around
to be found
it's a mystery world
we live in

the sound of the wolves,
lonely hounds
can speak of the things
you are bound to

uuuh, it's time to go back home
and tell your father
all the little details of beauty

uuuh, the journey has been long
but following the crumbles that fell out of you
you find it

the wayfarer...
the wayfarer...
Track Name: Fountain of Youth
fountain of youth
it is true
you are real
I found you

and all that they said
about you
held its truth
cos' your flame burns so blue

your eyes are black pearls
and when they shine with your light
I get lost
it's so bright

your hair is black as night
but it soon will get white
i don't care
i want you in my sight

fountain of youth
you rejuvenate me

when you're near
i don't fear

i drink from you

until you're gone
my thirst is on

you feel like a mirage
you can't be real
but still you're there
with your heart in place to steal

there will be many miles
between our roads
we'll keep in touch
I won't let go

your eyes are black pearls
and when they look into mine
I feel divine
they're like a shrine

your hair is black as night
and when it moves in flight
I close my eyes
and feel like I'm alive

fountain of youth
you rejuvenate me

when you're near
i don't fear
Track Name: Always You
there's always something about you
that I keep inside and gives me all those truths
it's always you

and I walk through tall grass, searching you
but find the women that don't do what you do
it's always you

and you are truth
feeding my desires
and you are blues
killing me inside
and I am doomed
to say goodbye to you
and if you are you
then I know no more truth

and I feel your body close to mine
in those cold wintery nights, I touch you too
it's always you

and I blow you a kiss from the train
but the window is full of rain and you'll leave soon
it's always you


and I am sure the plans I have for you
are sillier than anything i'll do
it's always you

but somehow there is a hope that
I won't need to do voodoo to get to you
maybe I should

Track Name: Small Hands (Keaton Henson Cover)
Miss you terribly already
Miss the space between your eyelids,
Where I'd stare through awkward sentences
And void through awkward silence

Miss your teeth when they chatter,
When we smoked out in my garden
When we couldn't sleep for all the heat,
Soft talk began to harden

Miss your small hands in the palm of mine,
The fact they're good at making
Miss you sitting up incessantly,
And the fact you're always waking in the night
And night

And I,
I hope for your life
You forget about mine
Forget about mine

Miss your teeth dug in my shoulder,
As we rolled in early morning,
Miss your arm dying beneath me,
As I lay there, simply yawning

Please forget me, you were right dear
I am cold and self-involved
And though I'll miss you, recent lover
I am weak and therefore fold

Get distracted by my music,
Think of nothing else but art
I'll write my loneliness in poems,
If I can just think how to start

Dot my I's with eyebrow pencils,
Close my eyelids, hide my eyes,
I'll be idle in my ideals,
Think of nothing else but I
And I

And I
I hope for your life
You can forget about mine
Just forget about mine

Oh, mine
Track Name: Wild Horse
she came from far away
from a land with wild horses and castles
i thought she had run away
searching freedom, getting free of her shackles

her silhouette of elegant spring
spreads perfume wherever she passes
her looks of exotic distinction
make a fuss all throughout the masses

and oh, she danced
and her hair floating on
and oh, she smiled
and I fell for her

there's something so right about her
like it was meant to be in a story
the fat lady singing has said
don't you miss all the fame and the glory

no wild horse will come to take me
and mistake me for his favourite rider
that's just the way things should be
I guess i'm the lonely wolf, the outsider

and oh, she's there
with her mesmerizing glare
and oh, she smiled
and I fell for her
Track Name: Love is Simple (Akron/Family Cover)
don't be afraid
it's only love

love is simple

don't be afraid
you're already dead

love is simple

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